Here's what some families have to say:




"Having Megan as our doula completely changed my assumptions about labor. I was really nervous about childbirth and honestly thought it would be awful from the moment I started having contractions. Megan did so much to make that hospital room feel soothing and calm—she brought flameless candles and turned off the overhead fluorescents, had music to play, massaged my lower back, figured out how to change the temperature of the room, and walked with me up and down the corridors of the hospital, helping me breathe and move through the contractions. I felt so much more relaxed and capable than I had expected.

I had an epidural at 7cm dilated and was ready to push a few hours later. Pushing was tough—my son’s head wasn’t quite centered and it took about three hours! Megan and one of the nurses helped brace my legs while my husband supported my neck, and Megan had great advice and imagery that helped me use the right muscles during active pushing. She also reassured my husband, who was getting more and more nervous the longer the pushing went on. When I got discouraged and thought he was never going to come out, Megan told me I was doing great and reassured me that I was close and I could do this. After our son (finally!) joined us, Megan took some wonderful pictures of him and of the three of us getting to meet each other for the first time.

Despite all the pushing, I had a really lovely labor experience, and so much of that is due to Megan’s support—she made the hospital feel less harsh and more relaxed, had great strategies for getting through the contractions, completely supported the decisions I made during labor, provided emotional support to my husband, and was just generally wonderful. If our son gets a younger sibling I hope Megan will be there for their birth too!" ~Melinda



"We had 2 prenatal visits with Megan in our home where we discussed our birth plan and went over what our biggest anxieties about birth. She was a calming influence from the very start. I ended up going 2 weeks past my due date and Megan checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing and made suggestions to keep calm. She also provided information on potential natural labor starters. I debated with my Doctor on getting induced with pitocin and Megan was very supportive of me either way and was completely impartial to either decision. We did decide to get induced in the end and she came to the hospital for my induction on Friday evening and stayed for roughly 30 hours until our baby was born the next night. She brought essential oils and flameless candles to the labor and delivery room, which helped make the hospital room a little less medical feeling. I had pretty intense back labor and she and my husband took turns massaging my back with a really great back massager she brought. She was incredibly encouraging throughout the whole process. When it came time to push, Megan physically supported my leg and also provided plenty of mental support throughout the 2.5 hours of pushing. She came for a postpartum visit which was wonderful, she brought lasagna, lactation tea, sits bath, oranges and other samples of lotion and diaper cream. She suggested a local pediatrician that we love. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and couldn’t have done any of it without Megan. We count ourselves truly lucky to have had her warmth and expertise when we welcomed our son to the world."  ~Teni



"We were so lucky to have Megan as our doula for the birth of our daughter! She was absolutely wonderful.  She met with us during our prenatal visit and spent a lot of time getting to know us and figuring out how she could best be of help to both myself and my partner during our labor.  Megan also brought up important issues that we hadn't thought to consider.  She didn't sway our decisions, but rather gave us helpful information, created open dialogue, and supported us fully in all of our choices.  Megan came as soon as we called her and spent almost 24 hours straight with us.  She was a calm, supportive, and positive presence throughout."  ~Stacey



"I cannot stress enough how grateful my family is to have had Megan as a doula. Megan made herself completely available. She met us at the hospital, jumping right in with counter pressure and massage which were INVALUABLE during painful contractions. Anytime I had a question or needed something Megan would immediately respond and many times anticipated my needs before I had even voiced them. She was great at helping me change positions to keep labor going and encouraged me when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. She helped me to communicate my wishes to the labor and delivery staff, knowing that I wanted as little intervention as possible, and stood by me every time I wanted to have more time to progress on my own. Despite the fact that I ended up with an epidural, I don’t think I would have made it as far as I did without Megan. Megan went above and beyond trying to keep me comfortable and continued to stay by my side until well after our baby girl was born. She is a genuinely kind and caring person and truly the best resource." ~Chelsey



"Megan was the doula for my second daughter and she was great! From the first time I met her, I knew she was going to be a great help - and she was!  I had wanted a natural childbirth and Megan did everything possible to support that desire. She provided additional information for me as I asked questions and raised concerns. She was reassuring that I could deliver naturally even after I doubted myself. Megan came as soon as I called her. Megan was right there, encouraging me. I felt she was confident and that confidence gave me strength. I would definitely hire Megan in a instant. Her training as a doula was evident and I know she has found the right place where her talents and desire have combined into the role of a doula." ~Jennifer



"Megan's a beautiful kind soul whom is a treasure to have by your side during your unique birth experience. I was very pleased and I know I made the right choice picking her. She has great attention to detail, is organized, kind, available, understanding and compassionate.  She is organized and will help you with research and feeling prepared. She really makes you feel valued, heard and understood.  She goes above and beyond and no matter what the situation she makes it a much better one.  Thank you so much Megan!  We really appreciate all your help, thoughtfulness and kindness.  ~Heather 



"Labor and delivery is very unpredictable, but with Megan’s help I was able to have the birth I’d hoped for. I was very passionate about having an unmedicated, gentle birth and Megan was supportive and encouraging from the beginning. She came to our home for the prenatal meetings and provided us with useful info and resources. She helped create a calm, relaxing environment in the hospital that made labor a little easier. In between contractions Megan encouraged me to change positions and to drink water. A week after our son was born Megan came to our home to have our postnatal meeting. However, it felt a lot less like a meeting and a lot more like a little celebration and reunion. I would encourage anyone who is debating having a doula at their birth to do it." ~Meg



"Megan was a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable guide for us as we welcomed our first child. She brings a deep, caring spirit to her work and it shows in how quickly and well she communicated with us, including during two pre-natal visits to our home and emails/texts prior to going into labor. Megan was non-judgmental, offering ideas about how to alleviate certain pregnancy woes without pushing anything, and this attitude helped me feel really supported. During labor, Megan was invaluable. She kept me as calm as could be, focused, and helped both my husband and I engage and re-engage in our birth plan and birthing techniques we'd planned to use. We are so appreciative to Megan for our birth experience and for her steady hand and calm ways throughout labor!" ~Margaret



"Our sweet baby girl entered this world in a calm, loving, and supportive environment - much of that due to Megan's expertise as a doula.  From the first meeting with her we knew we were in good hands.  She was calming, affirming, and supported us through every step of the way.  As first time parents we weren't exactly sure what to expect and having Megan by our side to walk us through what would likely happen and what was happening was an important aspect of our experience.  We wouldn't change a thing about our experience!  A huge thank you to Megan for being by our side from start to finish and helping to bring our beautiful baby girl into the world!"  ~ DJ