Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful gift to yourself during this most precious time.  This is the most important time to connect with yourself, your thoughts, your body, and your growing baby.  Awareness, mindfulness, discipline, strength, focus, and relaxation are all beneficial for pregnancy and motherhood.  Prenatal yoga gives you the ability to infuse these virtues from the very start of your baby’s life.


Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to prepare your body for the multitude of changes accompanied with pregnancy.  It's also a fantastic way to prepare your body for the laboring process and also is the perfect preparation for a smooth recovery.  You have the power to create balance in a well-rounded, beautifully peaceful, and therapeutic way. 


Whether you are continuing your "pre-pregnant" practice or are just starting your yoga practice, you will find comfort and joy on a whole different level.  



"When she becomes Pregnant, she is a different person with different thoughts, a different body, and new beliefs."  ~Amy Hopkins