My Training
Certified DONA International Labor and Birth Doula
200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher
Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher
Certified Reiki Practitioner
Rebozo Certified (The Gena Kirby Method)
Red Cross CPR Certified


My Story

My name is Megan Brown.  I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children.  Both of my children were born through cesarean.  My oldest was born a month early due to the fact that I developed eclampsia and had an emergency C-section.  It was not my plan to deliver this way, in fact, I was planning a home birth.  I did not have a doula at that time, and that would be the only thing I would change about the birth of my daughter. My second child was born through C-section based upon my doctor’s recommendation.  Again, I wouldn't change my experience because it was such an incredible day!


Even though things did not go as planned for either birth, my memories are positive. However, when I do look back I'm reminded of the moments when my husband was with the babies and not with me. In those moments I felt scared and alone.  If a doula would have been there to put a warm and knowing hand on my shoulder to support and comfort me, then those small pockets of time would be a little bit more sacred and peaceful.


My background is in dairy farming.  I've assisted in the birth of hundreds of calves.  It's truly my favorite part of working with cows.  I found joy and fulfillment in helping the mothers feel comfortable, safe, nourished, and nurtured while they were calving.


My birth experiences and my farming experiences are what have guided me to become a doula and have helped shape my philosophy towards caring for women through labor and birth.